Madelaine recently graced the cover of Popular Magazine’s June issue, and I’ve got a HQ Scans from the magazine, the photoshoot itself and behind the scenes captures of the photoshoot now in the gallery.

Madelaine recently gave an interview to High Snobiety about Cyberbullying, Slut Shaming & Celebrity and posed for a photoshoot inspired by iconic teen villains featured in films such as Mean Girls, The Craft and Heathers.

I’ve got HQ photos from the shoot in the gallery and you can read the interview by visiting the website here.

In the show you pretty much play the lead villain. As an actor, what’s the most gratifying part in portraying a villainous character?

Well my character has many layers. I mean, every artist and actor wants to be challenged and variety is the spice of life, and that’s exactly what Cheryl is. She does have all the characteristics of a typical “mean girl,” but underneath it all, she’s actually a very damaged human being, what with her brother being dead and her parents being completely terrible people. There’s so much going on beneath the surface. It’s every actor’s dream to play a complex character.

Madelaine attended the Deadline Hollywood Emmy Season Kickoff Party the other night, alongside boyfriend Travis Mills. I’ve got 16 gorgeous HQ photos of Madelaine now up in the gallery!

And so we bid farewell to Riverdale for the summer but we’re finishing the year with many more questions than answers. No matter what happens next, we’ll always have that badass moment where Cheryl took some serious charge when it came to Thornhill Manor, and until we see her again I’ve got 473 HD logoless captures for you to adore.

Madelaine and boyfriend Travis Mills attended the 2017 MTV Movie And TV Awards in Los Angeles tonight and I’ve uploaded 22 HQ photos to the gallery with more to come:

Welcome to Madelaine Petsch Online!

12 April 2017

Posted by Tori

Welcome to Madelaine Petsch Online, your newest fan resource for ‘Riverdale’ actress, Madelaine Petsch! Madelaine quickly became my fave during the Riverdale pilot as Cheryl had been my kindred hair spirit as a kid with the comics.

I’ve got a lot to catch up on gallery wise but we’ve already got a whopping 8k files, which you can find here and an Official Twitter which you can follow us at here.